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  • I live in The Open Plains
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is To Look Out For Number One
  • I am Female
  • Storm-in-Rain


    I was just looking around and thinking about Darkest Night and River of Fire. On the cover of Darkest Night, it shows two cats. I think they are Leafstar and Hawkwing. In Shattered Sky, Hawkwing asked Violetpaw and Twigpaw to help rebuild and join SkyClan. I don't believe Violetpaw will, as she seems much more like a ShadowClan cat than anything, but Twigpaw seems so attached to her kin that she might. Also, on the cover of River Of Fire, I think the cats may be Sparkpelt and Alderheart. I don't know why, but I fear that Sparkpelt will die sometime soon. It might be another test to make sure Alderheart believes in himself or something.

    Goodbye, my fellow warriors!!

    EDIT: Also, in Hawkwing's Journey, they need to find the 'spark that…

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  • Storm-in-Rain

    Heathertail, Breezepelt, and their kits. I would like to see what kind of parents they are to Smokepaw and Brindlepaw.

    Stormfur, Brook, and their kits. We saw them in Sign of the Moon, but I wish to see more of them.

    Blossomfall, Thornclaw, and their kits. I know they just had kits, but I think it's a bit strange that they are mates all of the sudden, considering Thornclaw had been a warrior for moons before Blossomfall was even born.

    Sparkpelt. I know she is a new character, but with so much on her brother, Alderheart, I think it would be nice to see more of her, and I think she acts a lot like Sandstorm.

    Needletail. I know she is dead, but I wish we could've seen more in her perspective.

    Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, and Fernsong. I feel as if the…

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  • Storm-in-Rain

    Crystal. She was Jake's mother, and she saved Pinepaw from a fox. She also was fiercely protective of her kits.

    Tall Shadow. She seemed like a fierce cat, and I loved her so much.

    Quiet Rain. She was the mother of Clear Sky, Gray Wing, and Jagged Peak, and was strong enough to make the journey from the mountains with a terrible wound.

    Mousefur. She may have been a crabby old elder, but she went through a lot.

    Graypool . After losing two of her kits less than a moon after she kitted them, she took in two half-Clan kits, later known as Mistystar and Stonefur.

    Jessy. She was a young and brave cat and helped Bramblestar a lot, but left and encouraged him to be Squirrelflight's mate again.

    Those are some of my thought. Farewell, my warriors, and as a…

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  • Storm-in-Rain

    Sagenose. One of his kits, Snipkit, drowned, his mate Birdwing and his kit Fidgetpaw were stolen by Twolegs, and his last remaining kit, Curlypaw, left and became a kittypet. He lost his entire family.

    Moth Flight. Her mate, Micah, died, and she gave away her kits, which must've been heartbreaking.

    Mapleshade. After her Clan found out her kits' father was not Birchface, but her mate Appledusk, her leader cast her out. Her kits ended up drowning in the river, and her mate and his Clan rejected her. But she did become a murderous, insane cat, so I didn't feel as bad for her.

    Spottedleaf. She was killed by Clawface, and every day she had to watch Firestar become closer and closer to Sandstorm, and farther and farther from her, and then, right be…

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  • Storm-in-Rain


    In Shattered Sky, I was not expecting so many deaths! Like Violetpaw, I believed Needletail would kill her, but was heartbroken when she sacrificed herself to save her friend. Also, Purdy's death was so sudden, and his final words were devastating. He said, "You're a good medicine cat, young 'un. You've got some big paw prints to fill, but I reckon' you're goin' to be just fine." This was to Alderheart. Even in death, he was as wise and friendly as he had been throughout his life. 

    And when Twigpaw traveled to SkyClan, found out Hawkwing was her father, and brough back SkyClan, I could not believe she was not made a warrior! That was amazing! But I believe that Pebbleshine is dead, and the mottled she-cat staring at Alderheart…

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