The cats I wish weren't dead are:

10. Sorreltail . I wish she would've shown Leafpool or Jayfeather her wounds.

9. Echosong . For a while, I didn't even know she was dead until I read the end of Hawkwing's Journey.

8. Feathertail . She was so friendly and caring.

7. Honeyfern . The way she died was so heroic. Poor Honeyfern.

6. Littlecloud . He was so nice and cared for ThunderClan because of Cinderpelt .

5. Sandstorm . She could've helped by telling Alderpaw that Darktail wasn't a SkyClan leader, if she was alive.

4. Mousefur . Even though she was old, I really liked Mousefur.

3. Hollyleaf . She was my favorite character in the series. I used to like Hawkfrost , but not after he killed her.

2. Icecloud , Foxleap . The two littermates were the most entertaining in the nursery.

1.  Ferncloud . I hated Brokentail more than ever when I found out he killed Ferncloud.

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