Lionblaze and Heathertail. They met in the tunnels all the time. While Lionblaze and Cinderheart are mates now, I wish him and Heathertail were mates instead.

Dovewing and Bumblestripe. I know that it is more dramatic and maybe interesting for her to be in love with Tigerheart, but it is so sad how Bumblestripe loves her and she is so mean to him.

Cherrytail and Stormcloud. It is possible, since neither of them have mates, but come on, let's Marvin Gaye and get in on!

Also, relationships that can never be rekindled:

Daisy and Spiderleg. It was ridiculous how he never went to see his kits, but I do think he loved her, just was more nervous than he wanted to admit.

Mapleshade and Appledusk. They could've had a great relationship. Oakstar overreacted, and he was already in love with Reedshine, and Mapleshade ended up killing him.

Clear Sky and Storm. They would've ended up happy, had Clear Sky not been so bossy that she left, had she not died. But she did forgive him, and I believe she still loved him.

That's about it for now. Also, you must get Shattered Sky and Legends of the Clans. Absolutely amazing books! I will give my thoughts about that in a different post. As always, fellow warriors, I will see you later!

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