I was just looking around and thinking about Darkest Night and River of Fire. On the cover of Darkest Night, it shows two cats. I think they are Leafstar and Hawkwing. In Shattered Sky, Hawkwing asked Violetpaw and Twigpaw to help rebuild and join SkyClan. I don't believe Violetpaw will, as she seems much more like a ShadowClan cat than anything, but Twigpaw seems so attached to her kin that she might. Also, on the cover of River Of Fire, I think the cats may be Sparkpelt and Alderheart. I don't know why, but I fear that Sparkpelt will die sometime soon. It might be another test to make sure Alderheart believes in himself or something.

Goodbye, my fellow warriors!!

EDIT: Also, in Hawkwing's Journeythey need to find the 'spark that remains'. I believe this is about Sparkpelt. She is Firestar's kin, her name begins with 'spark', and she seems the most like him(besides her mother, Squirrelflight ).

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