Crystal. She was Jake's mother, and she saved Pinepaw from a fox. She also was fiercely protective of her kits.

Tall Shadow. She seemed like a fierce cat, and I loved her so much.

Quiet Rain. She was the mother of Clear Sky, Gray Wing, and Jagged Peak, and was strong enough to make the journey from the mountains with a terrible wound.

Mousefur. She may have been a crabby old elder, but she went through a lot.

Graypool . After losing two of her kits less than a moon after she kitted them, she took in two half-Clan kits, later known as Mistystar and Stonefur.

Jessy. She was a young and brave cat and helped Bramblestar a lot, but left and encouraged him to be Squirrelflight's mate again.

Those are some of my thought. Farewell, my warriors, and as always, I will see you later!