In Shattered Sky, I was not expecting so many deaths! Like Violetpaw, I believed Needletail would kill her, but was heartbroken when she sacrificed herself to save her friend. Also, Purdy's death was so sudden, and his final words were devastating. He said, "You're a good medicine cat, young 'un. You've got some big paw prints to fill, but I reckon' you're goin' to be just fine." This was to Alderheart. Even in death, he was as wise and friendly as he had been throughout his life. 

And when Twigpaw traveled to SkyClan, found out Hawkwing was her father, and brough back SkyClan, I could not believe she was not made a warrior! That was amazing! But I believe that Pebbleshine is dead, and the mottled she-cat staring at Alderheart when the SkyClan ancestors rejoin StarClan is her. I was shocked to find out Onestar fathered Darktail, and had a kittypet mate named Smoke. Also, he rejected his kit in fear on Tallstar being angry. Tallstar left his Clan when he was angry, and made friends with a kittypet called Jake, Firestar's father! If I were Onestar, I would have taken in Darktail. Also, he openly revealed he was on his last life, and was worried he would go to the Dark Forest. I was sad when him and Darktail killed each other.

In Legends of the Clans, I could not believe Spottedpaw loved Thistleclaw. It was so strange! Pinestar's story was not that strange. But Lightning Tail's death was devastating when he was killed by dogs. I'm glad Thunderstar and Violet Dawn had kits, though, and one was named Lightning Stripe

Those are my thoughts. Read Shattered Sky and Legends of the Clans! As always, my fellow warriors, I will se you later!