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aka Neon, Sky, any deriative of my username

  • I live in Sydney, Australia
  • I was born on January 25
  • My occupation is Mimikyu fanatic
  • I am a big heccin memer
  • Neon Skylite
    I'm taking a deal of time to write this that I could spend organising my room and fixing furniture and cleaning up the bits of bacon I accidentally dropped on the floor or nailing down Professor Means in Dual Destinies or murdering Star Dream in The Arena so this better be noticed. I'm not sure if this is accepted or not but I'm 95% sure it is.
    Here goes absolutely nothing!

    Everyone! Kate Cary on her Facebook that after a long-awaited decade a Warriors move is finally in the works.
    It's also on Vicky's, but "this video kills your ears" warning, turn down your volume.
    What do we know?
    It's produced by Alibaba productions.
    That's it.

    Thanks to a guy on Warrior's Wish called Graham who did some dirt digging on Alibaba Productions, they've recently pa…

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