I'm taking a deal of time to write this that I could spend organising my room and fixing furniture and cleaning up the bits of bacon I accidentally dropped on the floor or nailing down Professor Means in Dual Destinies or murdering Star Dream in The Arena so this better be noticed. I'm not sure if this is accepted or not but I'm 95% sure it is.
Here goes absolutely nothing!

The Announcement Part

Everyone! Kate Cary on her Facebook that after a long-awaited decade a Warriors move is finally in the works.
It's also on Vicky's, but "this video kills your ears" warning, turn down your volume.
What do we know?
It's produced by Alibaba productions.
That's it.

A bit on Alibaba Productions

Thanks to a guy on Warrior's Wish called Graham who did some dirt digging on Alibaba Productions, they've recently partnered with Spielberg's Amblin Partners, and got a small minority stake in Amblin Entertainment, who own Dreamworks. (by the way shoutout to WW they're very cool people the wiki is partnered to it go join WW all of you SnowedLightning is a mod there he resets the counting thread all the time but he's still cool I won a raffle there it's very cool just join it right now)

=Neon's Speculation and my Thoughts on the Matter

"Wow, the best person on the third rock from Sol, Neon, reported on this! She must really have high hopes on it!"
Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Not that I'm the best person on Earth. That's very true, I'm awesome. But what isn't is what I think about the movie.
I'm on the fence at best and at worst I'm thinking it will be the worst failure in the BO ever since Cowboys and Aliens and the worst with critics ever since Chicken Little or Alvin and The Chipmunks. (Number one way to NOT get along with 21st century children: say you don't like AatC.)
The most rational part of my thoughts is that it'll probably be mediocre at best. Even if everyone in the fanbase, no matter how young or old or where they live or if they really believe the meaning of life is 42 and they don't pirate it or skip it, it'd probably only pay off half the budget.
And of course, the fact that Warriors isn't very smiles and rainbows looms over the movie, but this has been touched very much before.
Out from the hole of the cynical and pessimistic world of movies, you have to wonder what they're adapting. You may think "Into the Wild, duuuuuuurrrrr" but they could very well adapt TLH if they wanted to. Or do DotC, or Po3, or even make a different story featuring completely new characters.
Animation is also something too. Will they do anime? Hyper-realistic 2016 Jungle Book? Disney-cartoony CGI? Or maybe something else? Maybe I shouldn't have compared it to CGI. I just hope they don't do stars on leaders or anime hair or way too many white markings on Scourge if he ever appears, if that is the case I will abort the movie and never touch it because I hate art like that.
And now, I leave this to discussion. What are you thoughts? Do you have faith? Will it bomb? Did you ever expect it to happen at all? How do you want it to go?

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