I was reading the new prophecy series last night and i started to wonder: Could Cody be related to Firestar? It makes more sense than you would think. For example...

  1. Cody is obviously older than Leafpool as she has had kits. When Leafpool mentioned Firestar Cody said she remembered Smudge talking about him. But then again could she have also have remembered him from somewhere else? Maybe the description rang a bell and she just couldn't put her paw on it. Perhaps that was the reason she tagged along with Leafpool instead of heading straight home to her twolegs.
  2. Her description is also something to look at. She is a "brown heavily furred tabby she-cat" Princess is described as "a light brown tabby she-cat". Although not the same Cody is similar to Princess. Could Cody be one of Quince/Nutmeg's kits from a later litter?
  3. Or could she be one of Jake's daughters? Keep in mind that Jake had two mates in Quince and Nutmeg and he was talking (flirting?) with Bluepaw in Bluestar's prophecy. What's to stop him from having kits with a third she-cat?
  4. Although Firestar is a bit too fond of kittypets for my liking you would think that with his clan starving and weak that he would send Cody home. But he let her stay. I know that he does this with kittypets in the lake territories a lot and that he will readily accept kittypets into the clan but he only really does this when his clan is healthy and thriving. So why let Cody stay? Did he feel a flicker of recognition similar to what he felt when he first saw Princess?

What do you think? Is Cody a long-lost relative of Firestar? Or do you just think that Firestar was being overy compassionate towards her?

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