We all know thast once a cat has died their spirit goes to either Starclan or the dark forest right? And we all know how once a cat has been long forgotten by the living cats of the clans their spirit fades. Well what happens to their spirit after it has "faded from memory"? Can they simply not interact with other "more recent additions" to starclan? or do they simply cease to exist? Lets take the founders of the clans for example. Shadow,Thunder,River,Wind and possibly Sky. The first four were able to interact with Midnight in the new prophecy but they were descried as being "faint shadows" yet the clans remembered them as the founders of the clans. Lets take another example. This time of a brave yet ordinary cat. Whitestorm. He was mates with Willowpelt who gave birth to his kits. Two out of three of his kits have passed away (Sootfur and Rainfur) but Sorreltail is still alive and has kits of her own so i'll use her as an example. When Sorreltail dies her kits and possibly grandkits (or even great grandkits!) will still remember her. So will her friends in the clan. But by this time most of the cats who personnally knew Whitestorm will be dead. However technically he will be remembered by the cats who knew his daughter as "Sorreltail's father" but after the cats who knew Sorreltail personnally have passed on Whitestorm will have faded from memory. So what will happen to his spirit? Will he not be able to interact with his daughter anymore? If you have any ideas leave them below!

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