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  • I live in RiverClan
  • I was born on December 7
  • My occupation is the I am a Warrior
  • I am a She-cat
  • NikiandCats

    Wattpad/ Favorite Cat?

    November 16, 2014 by NikiandCats

    Hi! My name is Niki&Cats. (call me Niki for short). I recntly have been obsessed with this website, Wattpad. This Wikia bcomes alot mor hlpful along the way. I mean, its warrior fan fictions of course it is helpful. I have also been crazy over another website. (woozworld) Though it is getting pretty bad. Aside from that. I wanted to talk about Wattpad and your favorite cat in any of the Warriors Seiries. 

    My favorite would have to be Jayfeather. Every cat treats him like h is hopeless and cant do anything. Like me. Thats one reason why he is my favorite. He also has this cranky temper which I have A LOT from my brothers and sisters. (SO ALIKE)

    My second would have to be Half Moon (or Stoneteller or Teller of Pointed Stones). She is so sweet …

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  • NikiandCats


    October 17, 2014 by NikiandCats

    Yeah, I am a new explore just looking things up and I decided to make an account. So just for no particular reason I made an artice NO ONE IS VER GOING TO SEE .-.  Look up Ripplestar's death. Your going to find it funny if you read this article :p Jayfeather is

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