Hi! My name is Niki&Cats. (call me Niki for short). I recntly have been obsessed with this website, Wattpad. This Wikia bcomes alot mor hlpful along the way. I mean, its warrior fan fictions of course it is helpful. I have also been crazy over another website. (woozworld) Though it is getting pretty bad. Aside from that. I wanted to talk about Wattpad and your favorite cat in any of the Warriors Seiries. 

My favorite would have to be Jayfeather. Every cat treats him like h is hopeless and cant do anything. Like me. Thats one reason why he is my favorite. He also has this cranky temper which I have A LOT from my brothers and sisters. (SO ALIKE)

My second would have to be Half Moon (or Stoneteller or Teller of Pointed Stones). She is so sweet and kind. Her adventure all started from Jayfeather( or Jay's Wing). He led them into the mountains from the Lake. Half Moon became Stoneteller, and she sent cats to the forest,which we now know as Clans. The Clan cats had their forest destroyd which led them to their former home. THE LAKE!

My third cat would have to be... Hmm.. Lionblaze is too proud, Hollyleaf is too senitive, Firestar is just WAY too bold, hmmm... I dont think I HAVE a third cat that I-WAIT-processing- Nope. What's your three favorite cats? NikiandCats (talk) 17:34, November 16, 2014 (UTC)

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