• Oliviawarriorgirl

    Hello everyone. On this blog post I will be telling you three cats that need to leave StarClan and live in the Dark Forest, at least in my opinion. Let's begin.

    (Spoilers below)

    1. | Ashfur | I think this doesn't take a genius to scratch their head on why the Erin Hunters let him in StarClan and not confined in the Dark Forest. Ashfur is hated by lots of the fandom. He loved Squirrelflight, and they started to hang out. It seemed perfect when his world began to crumble: His crush found a new mate, Brambleclaw. Then she fostered her sister's three kits and let everyone believe they were her's and Brambleclaw's, so Ashfur thought she was the mother. During a fire, Ashfur saw the opportunity to seek revenge and trap Squirrelflight, Lionblaze, Ja…

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