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    Firestar's Family

    December 1, 2013 by PatchFeather

    Firestar's Family (Most of it)


    Just if you were wondering, I have done some research and read the books, and i have confirmed one of the most asked questions- Who Is Firestar's Mother? Well, his mother is a kitty pet named Nutmeg. Well, i'm not entirley sure if NutMeg was a kittypet.... anyways, NutMeg was a brown and white tabby. His father, also NutMeg's mate was a kittypet named Jake, who looked almost exactly like Firestar himself. He had two half-brothers one half-sister, and one regular sister. Jake had two mates, NutMeg the father of FireStar, and Quince, the father of Scourage,Ruby,and Socks

    Half-Brothers- Scourage (originally tiny) and socks

    Half-Sisters- Ruby


    Firestar has a nephew named Cloudtail. His ma…

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