Firestar's Family (Most of it)



Just if you were wondering, I have done some research and read the books, and i have confirmed one of the most asked questions- Who Is Firestar's Mother? Well, his mother is a kitty pet named Nutmeg. Well, i'm not entirley sure if NutMeg was a kittypet.... anyways, NutMeg was a brown and white tabby. His father, also NutMeg's mate was a kittypet named Jake, who looked almost exactly like Firestar himself. He had two half-brothers one half-sister, and one regular sister. Jake had two mates, NutMeg the father of FireStar, and Quince, the father of Scourage,Ruby,and Socks

Half-Brothers- Scourage (originally tiny) and socks

Half-Sisters- Ruby


Firestar has a nephew named Cloudtail. His mate is Sandstrom. He has two kits named Leafpool and Squriellkit. He has two Grandsons named Jayfeather and Lionblaze, and one granddaghter named Hollyleaf. His Great Great Granddaghters are Ivypool and Dovewing. He also has grand nephews- Dewkit and Snowkit. One grand niece- Amberkit, all 3 kits kitted by Brightheart and Cloudtail. SPOILER ALERT! Firestar dies in book 6 of Omen of the Stars- The Last Hope. He was the forth cat in the prophecy- "The end of the stars draws near. Three must become Four to battle the drakness that lasts forever..." Well, that's MOST of Firestar's family. If you have any questions, comment and i will reply when i'm on. plz no rude comments this is my first blog/article on warriors wiki.

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