Her positive features/actions:

  • She is an excellent leader.
  • She's shown to be a great leader and strategist.
  • She is very relatable.
  • She takes the warrior code seriously, unlike many cats in her Clan.
  • She was shown to be very regretful of her negative actions.
  • She helped Ivypool and Blossomfall out of the tunnels.
  • She saved Molepaw and Cherrypaw from the foxes.
  • She sacrificed her life to save Ivypool from Hawkfrost.

Her negative features/actions:

  • She killed Ashfur.
  • As a kit, she tried to find the fox cubs with her brothers.
  • She went mad and ran into the tunnels.
  • She exposed her mother's secret at the Gathering.

But, some of these can be explained. Ashfur, as you may recall, also went crazy and tried to kill not only Hollypaw, but also Jaypaw and Lionpaw. Kits are generally mischeivous, and of course she went mad- the warrior code was her life, and after she found out that she was not only half-Clan but also the daughter of a medicine cat, her life basically fell apart. Also, she thought the Clans would be better without her. So, what do you all think? Is Hollyleaf a good cat or a bad cat?

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