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    This may contain have been warned...

    Gatherings seem like a terrible idea. They real do seem terrible.

    You must be thinking "well, PetTheDog, what makes you think that? You've only been here for an hour, how DARE you start making such big accustions!"

    I can explain.

    Gatherings are supposed to be all fun and games but really they aren't. Discusing these tactics has led to fights between cats and territory. I don't remember in which book but it is revealed ShadowClan leader said a lot about the struggle with prey. And he was attacked for it. "PetTheDog, when did they fight over Sunningrocks because of a gathering???" you might now be asking. I can explain that one too. They accused each other of stealing prey and driving out RiverCla…

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  • PetTheDog

    Now I have NO freaking clue how to put a spoiler warning, so if you haven't read the Sun Trail DO NOT READ. SPOILERS!!!

    I read the Sun Trail when it came out and I think it could have been better. I know because I've seen the Erins do better. Then again, I've seen them do worse. 

    After the Last Hope, I actually think this book was an improvement - it was funny and witty and there was a little plot twist at the end. That being said it wasn't the best book ever. It lacked a few important key events. For example - everything seemed to go wrong. 

    This spices up a book but I disliked the entire thing about the farmyard. Yeah, it was cool. But it would have been better if there was a disbute if they could stay or not. All I'm saying is that their g…

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