• Phoenixfeather13

    I read Warrior Books whenver possible, so when I read Secrets of the Clans, it called Scourge "Blood". Shoudn't that be an appropriate name? After all, BloodClan only existed when Scourge united it, and the normal Clans were named after the founding leaders.

    ...which brings a disturbing image into my head if the ShadowClan founding leader was named Badger. (BadgerClan...YIKES!).

    Here's a video I know is completely timed wrong, but I didn't join until the beginning of December, so you can't complain. I promise on Christmas Eve I will upload a Warriors Christmas video, so hold on until then, okay? Okay, now that I've made you twice as anxious for Christmas (LOL), enjoy the video! It's not mine, it's DragonRider905's creation.


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