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  • I live in Majesticland
  • I was born on April 2
  • My occupation is Munching on potatoes
  • I am Female
  • PoppyShine

    Now don't kill me, but in my opinion Ashfur DID deserve to go to StarClan and here's why.

    First lets start off with when he went insane. Now you all say that Ashfur killed Firestar by leading him to the foxtrap. Well youre wrong here's why: It would count as killing if Ashfur physically went and attacked Firestar, but he didnt. The foxtrap killed Firestar, not Ashfur. Hawkfrost was trying to kill Firestar by tightening the rope on the foxtrap, that counts as physically killing. Now, it was kind of Brambleclaw's fault because instead of being a loyal and proper deputy, he let's Hawkfrost cross Thunderclan territory because Hawkfrost was his brother. Anyways I'm talking about Ashfur, not Brambleclaw. When Ashfur trapped Squirrelflight and theā€¦

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