• PrincessTiffanyPeguses

    I think Bluestar is a great cat, Firestar fans: she was the one who invited him into the Clan! its fine Bluestar haters, don't blame me. If you hate Bluestar think about it, if you like Firestar she invited him into the Clan! once again. there would be no Firestar if it weren't for her! now, back to my opinon. I also like her color. the color is pretty. I am glad Moonflower had kits. Bluestar`s mentor was Stonepelt. a male cat. Bluestar was Clanborn and I like that. here is one reason why you might hate her: she abandoned her kits. but, she didn't want to. if you get to know her you might not hate her. don't be afraid to like Bluestar!

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