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  • Pastelpill

    Duh, this weekend I realized that only minimum of the cat colors mentioned in the books are possible to find on internet or real life. Im not saying that black or ginger cats with one white paw not exist, but it is very unlikely to find a cat with only one white paw. Or white one with black paws. And it is almost impossible to find a cat with the same color as Bengal cat that is a mix, like most of the clan cats are. Also, I highly doubt that we can find colors as perfect as they are described in Warriors. Here are some pictures of cats that have some resemblance to cats in the series. I don't own any of these cats nor I took any of these pictures, remember that:

    Just to point out, when I put to Google "dark brown tabby" the 1st thing that plo…

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  • Pastelpill

    Hi there! Its me, Pumpkin! The last blog was kind of ok, so I decided to make another one. Spottedleaf (for this, I will call he spotty cause her name is sooo long) is great character to examine, in my opinion. Well, here goes nothing!

    Okay, to start of, I see why some of her hate her and some of her love her. First of, I agree she is pretty mary-sue like. I think that's because of the fact she died so soon and she didn't have chance to show us her real character beside her flaws and stalking. Don't get me wrong, I like Spotty, but do you see the point? For example, many of you complain about her being always described as beautiful, but that was mostly from Firestars PoV.

    Erin Hunters revealed that she is stalker, but in my opinion, she is j…

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  • Pastelpill

    So, this is my 1st blog ever and I decided it will be examination of characters. I was inspired by our dear admin Shelly (thanks!). I found out that the best cat to start with is probably Mapleshade, because of how she is complicated, so... here you go!

    So, we all know what is her story: she made appearance in many the books and after receiving her own novell (or was it super edition?), we all know what is behing her treachery. There is no fan that loves her, probably because of her "incident" at the end of The Last Hope.

    Maple is cold-blooded, wants revenge, she killed 3 cats, and that's why she is in DF. But in my opinion, she has no reason for being there. After all, cats like Ashfur, who attempted to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionbl…

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