So, this is my 1st blog ever and I decided it will be examination of characters. I was inspired by our dear admin Shelly (thanks!). I found out that the best cat to start with is probably Mapleshade, because of how she is complicated, so... here you go!

So, we all know what is her story: she made appearance in many the books and after receiving her own novell (or was it super edition?), we all know what is behing her treachery. There is no fan that loves her, probably because of her "incident" at the end of The Last Hope.

Maple is cold-blooded, wants revenge, she killed 3 cats, and that's why she is in DF. But in my opinion, she has no reason for being there. After all, cats like Ashfur, who attempted to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze, and Mudclaw, who made rebellion against his current leader, Onewhisker, ended up in StarClan. I saw some comments that stated that she didn't really end up in DF because of what she did, but because of what she thought about StarClan when she died. But someone, maybe StarClan, states that this cat will go to DF and this one to StarClan. For gods sake, StarClan, don't you think that she needs some compassion???

Willowbreeze, Willowkit, Snowfur, Minnowkit, Oakheart, Shellheart and Rainflower would still live if they would have accepted her long time ago. And Brightsky and her kits too.

Also Appledusk wasn't too nice to her. He decided to forget about her, while hanging out with Reedshine and Applefrost, Shyheart and Willownose. He was pretty mean. The same with ThunderClan. If Bluestar was there, they would never have banished her. I mean, she was mate with Appledusk probably long before he accidentaly killed Birchface. And it wasn't really his fault that Flowerpaw died as well. Yes, Oakstar and Frecklewish had some reasons to hate her, but when Frecke said "Take the kits outta here!" I was mad at her. Also, when Oakstar said "ThunderClan wont raise these kits!" I got mad as well, because its one thing that he lost heis son, but he didn't have to take it on the kits. And Bloomheart made me mad as well, when he said that she don't belong there. He was her mentor, for gods sake! And Frecklewish made me enraged when I found out that she watched Larchkit, Petalkit and Patchkit drown. And Ravenwing. Spottedleaf, Leafpool, Cinderpelt and Jayfeather would never reveal it! Okay, Leafpool maybe, but still. Even though he didn't deserve to die.

Well, that's it! I hope it wasn't too long. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to check out for more blogs like this! And also tell me in the comments what do YOU think!

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