Hi there! Its me, Pumpkin! The last blog was kind of ok, so I decided to make another one. Spottedleaf (for this, I will call he spotty cause her name is sooo long) is great character to examine, in my opinion. Well, here goes nothing!

Okay, to start of, I see why some of her hate her and some of her love her. First of, I agree she is pretty mary-sue like. I think that's because of the fact she died so soon and she didn't have chance to show us her real character beside her flaws and stalking. Don't get me wrong, I like Spotty, but do you see the point? For example, many of you complain about her being always described as beautiful, but that was mostly from Firestars PoV.

Erin Hunters revealed that she is stalker, but in my opinion, she is just helping *prepares for hater comments wave* if anyone wants to say she was just sticking her nose into stuff and not helping at all, I hate to break that to ya, but she actually saved Leafpaw, Mistyfoot, Gorsetail, Cloudtail, Brightheart, Cody, Sasha and Coal in Dawn. Without her, Clan would probably never find out where exactly they disappeared. She also saved Sandstorm in The Last Hope, killing herself 2nd time.

So, the outcome of this is, Spottedleaf is great and honorable cat, who didn't care that her life was thrown outta the window by saving his lifelong love his new mate. Well, thats it for now, don't forget to tell me in the comments what do YOU think of Spottedleaf and tell me which cat should I examine next! Bye!

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