Duh, this weekend I realized that only minimum of the cat colors mentioned in the books are possible to find on internet or real life. Im not saying that black or ginger cats with one white paw not exist, but it is very unlikely to find a cat with only one white paw. Or white one with black paws. And it is almost impossible to find a cat with the same color as Bengal cat that is a mix, like most of the clan cats are. Also, I highly doubt that we can find colors as perfect as they are described in Warriors. Here are some pictures of cats that have some resemblance to cats in the series. I don't own any of these cats nor I took any of these pictures, remember that:

File:401 315 0 f1.jpg

Just to point out, when I put to Google "dark brown tabby" the 1st thing that plopped out was "dark brown tom with amber eyes". No wonder why. I am not saying that Erins should start making all of the cats tabby or black and white, but they should stay with their feet on ground when we talk about cat colors. I bet you cant find a dark brown tabby cat with white underbelly and blue eyes or black cat with brown underbelly. Well, that's pretty much it and I hope you will go on reading my blogs! Bye!

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