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    State of the Fandom

    April 25, 2017 by PyroNacht
    This is a blog post fueled by justified frustration. Take it as you will.
    I was originally going to hold off on this until my rage had subsided, but I opted not to.
    I've been disgusted at a lot of things in my life, but never have I been as disgusted with the Warrior Cats fandom as I am right now. The fact that the issue has reached such a high escalation to the extent that a life has been left in shambles is absolutely not okay. At all. Not only has the life of somebody who could potentially be a minor been shattered, but the fandom has continued raging at the people who are purely innocent in this ordeal.
    As an editor here since May 2012, I worked hard to develop a lot of citations and pages throughout my time. I'm not the only one. Many ot…
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