This is a blog post fueled by justified frustration. Take it as you will.
I was originally going to hold off on this until my rage had subsided, but I opted not to.
I've been disgusted at a lot of things in my life, but never have I been as disgusted with the Warrior Cats fandom as I am right now. The fact that the issue has reached such a high escalation to the extent that a life has been left in shambles is absolutely not okay. At all. Not only has the life of somebody who could potentially be a minor been shattered, but the fandom has continued raging at the people who are purely innocent in this ordeal.
As an editor here since May 2012, I worked hard to develop a lot of citations and pages throughout my time. I'm not the only one. Many other people here have worked their rear ends off- some devoting a majority of their time for nearly a DECADE to ensure the safety and prosperity of this Wiki.
Now, according to numerous people, we're being attacked on Twitter amongst other things regarding our character images. I've never been good at character art- hence why I never do it- but I will guarantee you that if you tried to make a character art piece like one here, you would understand why I am so angry with the fandom. We have worked hard to develop the pages in the manner we do. We are a community, and while we have our disagreements, we're sticking together.
Now, not only has the Warriors series lost not just an editor, but a lovely person, but there's been another life (Su) affected by this. All over a book series about talking cats. Because a ton of people were incapable of understanding change because their headcanons were adjusted (grow up- things change in life), Vicky left, Su's likely crushed, and a ton of editors here are going to have to deal with not just the fandom, but also the aftermath of everything else. Think we like having to undo a bunch of things and remove charart? It's not fun for us. We work hard.
And who do we have to thank for this? The fandom who decided that this was all a good idea!
The Warriors fandom has never been as toxic as it is right now. And it really needs to shape up.

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