• Quailflight

    Hello, once more.

    January 7, 2016 by Quailflight

    Hello, everyone!

    I doubt if anyone from my time here is still around, or even remembers who I am, but I'm Christina, and my old account was QuailflightTheCat, and I was commonly known as Quail or Qway.

    If you clicked on the link back for some reason, you may see that I discovered this place 6 years ago on New Year's Eve. I took part in editing, primarily for the first 3 arcs and I did join Project Charart. My art skills back then were terrible, and they haven't exactly improved, haha.

    So, you might be asking, why are you here? Pure coincidence, I'm afraid. I stumbled back upon here, and if have to say, I've never been more impressed with how the place is still run. You all have really pushed the standards these last few years and have managed…

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