Everyone who has read either crookedstar's promise or read omen of the stars will know Mapleshade .Mapleshade who lives in the dark forest. My point is: Does Mapleshade deserve to live in the dark forest?well there are a few points saying she does...


  • she broke the warrior code by having a riverclan mate when she is thunderclan
  • she has a hatred of her ex-mate
  • she tried to bend crookedstar to her will and practically destroyed his life when he stopped obeying her by killing off all his family.this was practically getting revenge on her ex-mate


  • when thunderclan found out about their relationship they chased her out
  • as she swam across the riverclan border her kits drowned
  • as a result her mate sort of disowned her and took a riverclan mate
  • this according to Mapleshade was breaking the promise(loving only Mapleshade)
  • all she tried to do was love him but he turned it down.

So how did she get to the dark forest?

possible reasons

  • broke the warrior code
  • hating

(there may be more reasons you can think of but that's all I can think of so far) However...

  • loads of cats break the warrior code through love(bluestar&oakheart,graystripe&silverstream,wind flights parents etc)
  • and ash fur hated squirrelflight when she chose Brambleclaw over him but he still went to starclan.

If you know the answer to why Mapleshade went to the dark forest you can tell me in the comments.

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