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    Well, in the first book, he's perceived by most readers as an arrogant jerk. At the time, I felt that way as well. But really, he's a much deeper character than you'd expect. 

    In the first book, he challenges Bluestar's decision about letting Rusty into the Clan, and I don't particularly blame Longtail. The Clans are proud and strong, and don't need kittypets. 

    Longtail, at the time, was likely a proud young warrior who cared deeply for the warrior code and ThunderClan, but expressed his opinions using violence and arrogance, though I think that is to be expected in young cats. The Erins use personification on the warrior cats a lot to make inhuman characters seem more relatable, and I find this ingenious, since it cleverly explains so many …

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    I severely dislike Firestar, but not for the reason many would think. I don't hate Firestar because he murdered Scourge (well, kind of) I dislike this character for many other reasons. 

    While I do dislike Firestar for killing Scourge, I have my reasons behind it. Scourge wanted the forest to feed BloodClan and ensure the survival of his campanions (Click here for more behind that theory) and Firestar ruined that for him and his Clan. 

    Plus, Firestar is Scourge's half-brother, so it seems cold that he would do that. However, that fact doesn't play a big part because siblings murder each other in many other instances. For example, there is Jackdaw's Cry and Falling Feather, and Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw. 

    I really also dislike Firestar because …

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    Well, it really depends on your point of perspective. The fanbase is divided about whether Scourge is a misunderstood ball of fluff, or a murderer bathed in blood. Each side of the fanbase values their own opinions strongly, and absolutely hate when something happens that contradicts what they would like to believe. While I am a huge fan of Scourge, even I sometimes debate with myself regarding the question above. 

    Evidence supporting him as a cold-blooded killer is strong, but it's only one scenario: Scourge, abused by his siblings, ran away, rose to power, became a cold-blooded killer because of it. 

    Really, that's not that deep. It's unrealistic that a cat would go insane with power and die eventually because of it just because his siblin…

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