Is Firestar a well developed character, or a Mary Sue?

Reasoning and Evidence

I severely dislike Firestar, but not for the reason many would think. I don't hate Firestar because he murdered Scourge (well, kind of) I dislike this character for many other reasons. 

While I do dislike Firestar for killing Scourge, I have my reasons behind it. Scourge wanted the forest to feed BloodClan and ensure the survival of his campanions (Click here for more behind that theory) and Firestar ruined that for him and his Clan. 

Plus, Firestar is Scourge's half-brother, so it seems cold that he would do that. However, that fact doesn't play a big part because siblings murder each other in many other instances. For example, there is Jackdaw's Cry and Falling Feather, and Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw. 

I really also dislike Firestar because he's somehow involved in every prophecy and omen. In Bluestar's Prophecy, it's hinted that Firestar will succeed her, even though he's not a character yet. The Kin of your Kin prophecy referred to him, as well as Blood will spill Blood, Fire Alone can save the Clan, Beware a Warrior you cannot Trust, StarClan is calling, Beware an Enemy who seems to Sleep, Lion and Tiger, the Fourth Omen, Embrace what you find in the Shadows, and Fire and Tiger. That's ten prophecies and omens that he is invloved in, whether he's a hero, an interpreter, or even a victim of the event. Most cats who get omens are medicine cats, very rarely warriors. Even so, the most other characters have gotten is one or two. 

Overall, he's way too overpowered. Besides prophecies, he just happens to be taken into the most popular Clan. He also tends to lead his Clan into victory many times.

He's also in a love . . . pentagon? It's him, Cinderpelt, Sandstorm, Spottedleaf, and the rest is the fanbase. I've read many fanfictions where Firestar gives up Sandstorm to be with fan characters without plausible reason. 

He also seems to live through most of the series, unlike many well-developed characters, such as Honeyfern. I find her story extremely sad, and would have loved to get to know her better. 

He also seems to be a stickler for the warrior code and hero for all of the Clans, even though he's formerly a kittypet. 

I'd like to elaborate on his kittypet heritage. Somehow, he manages to defeat a trained apprentice of ThunderClan on his first try, escapes the wrath of a supple young warrior, and is taken into a formerly prestigious Clan of feral warriors. He tends to take in a lot of kittypets during his life, most likely because of sympathy. The Clans are a society of cats come together for mutual protection, not a club for whenever cats feel like joining. This practice is inherited by Bramblestar, as shown in Bramblestar's Storm. It's unnatural how he goes from a kittypet to a full-fledged warrior without effort. 

There are many scenes where the Erins obviously tried to salvage Firestar. For instance, there's Spottedleaf. She was an amazing, serious character who was murdered so Firestar didn't have to choose between shallow love that was forbidden anyway, or possible, deep love that took flight after Spottedleaf's death. 

There was also the moment he fell prey to the foxtrap in Sunset, where his supple figure suddenly appears worn and skinny. The fact that he was even in that situation is very unrealistic. Why would Firestar trust a tom from another Clan, who also happened to be the son of his biggest rival. The mere fact that Hawkfrost was able to trick Firestar so easily was an obvious attempt to salvage the character. 

If you're a fan of Firestar's, I don't mean to offend you or contradict your beliefs, but these are proven facts with some of my personal opinions as evidence. 

Comment If you'd like to elaborate!




Jackdaw's Cry

Falling Feather




Prophecies and Omens



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