Was Scourge misunderstood, or a true villain?

My Reasoning and Evidence

Well, it really depends on your point of perspective. The fanbase is divided about whether Scourge is a misunderstood ball of fluff, or a murderer bathed in blood. Each side of the fanbase values their own opinions strongly, and absolutely hate when something happens that contradicts what they would like to believe. While I am a huge fan of Scourge, even I sometimes debate with myself regarding the question above. 

Evidence supporting him as a cold-blooded killer is strong, but it's only one scenario: Scourge, abused by his siblings, ran away, rose to power, became a cold-blooded killer because of it. 

Really, that's not that deep. It's unrealistic that a cat would go insane with power and die eventually because of it just because his siblings were a tiny bit mean. 

I have come up with a ton of scenarios and theories regarding the fact that might of been he was just misunderstood.

One is that he was abused by Bone. Bone, seeing him with a dog's tooth, saw an opportunity for power, so, he threatened Scourge. I know this sounds silly, but if you regard the fact that random cats would never follow a power-hungry tyrant like Bone AT FIRST, it sounds more believable. Once they had enough followers who remained loyal, it was easy to keep power. Although, you'd think that Bone would eventually murder Scourge and assume leadership. But, in the LionClan battle, once Scourge dies, BloodClan retreats. Maybe Bone saw that coming. He could have kept Scourge in power, controlling all of the decisions 'Scourge made', while acting as a loyal deputy instead. 

Scourge also saved them from a band of troublesome rogues and a vicious dog, not to mention solving other various problems, so bringing them into a group for mutual protection would not have been that hard. 

Besides him going mad with power, there could be another side to it. A leader rising to power but struggling to keep the peace sounds familiar, doesn't it? Does that scenario sound like Firestar's rise to leadership? Sure, Firestar went down a different path, but he was not abused by his siblings or forced to grow up in a harsh environment. 

The fact that the forest was there for the taking also could have gotten to him as well. I've seen people ask this question sometimes: "Why did Scourge want THE WHOLE forest? Twolegplace seemed just fine." Now, I don't mean to offend those people in any way, but really? Clan cats live happy, healthy lives in the forest. Food is fresh and more abundant, a great contrast to the damp, polluted twolegplace. Plus, since he is shown to be a problem-solver, it's likely he saw it as an opportunity to feed the skinny members of BloodClan, but the Clan cats posed as a threat to his and BloodClan's survival. It's not his fault that all creatures are created with the natural impulse to survive, no matter the cost or possible effect. 

My last theory is that he could have had multiple personality disorder, known as DID. DID can be triggered by certain things, so maybe some experience he had early in his life led him to DID. DID is caused by trauma at a young age. He started turning into a 'murderer' around the time he was faced with the dog, Ruby's harsh words, "They get thrown in the river", or Tigerstar's brutal attack. All of these were traumatic events. Does it sound unlikely that DID would stay with him most of his life? Did you just answer yes? Well, it's sadly true that poor Scourge could be a hapless victim of lasting DID. 

Still, though, I respect your opinions. Comment if you'd like to elaborate. 

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