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Tigerstar should not of died

Did Tigerstar deserve to die?

  1. I don't think so, he should of lived on, there would be a lot of more action in the books, because The New Prophecy Series, kinda got boring in the begining.
  2. His mate and kits barely knew him, he should of gotten to know them better.
  3. He made the books more exciting
  4. He is one of my favprite characters

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Tigerstar should of died.

  1. He is hated by most cats, after he was banished
  2. Of course he diesn't like Firestar, DUh, he is the main character
  3. He is evil, usually evil characters die, or are defeated eventually(usually how authors write the book).
  4. He killed many cats and was about to kill Ravenpaw

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