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    Ok, I while ago I realized that a lot of StarClan's prophecies can have multible meanings. Like, "Beware of a warrior that seems to sleep". When Fireheart got that prophecy, he saw Darkstripe pretending to sleep. So, I think that one can mean two thing, beware of Darkstripe (As I recall Darkstripe tried to kill Firestar) and then beware of something else (I don't remember what). There are other ones, like, (I think this is what it was) "Water can quench fire" which was given to Firestar. It could mean three things (Maybe all at once), it was predicting Tigerclaw trying to drown Fireheart, it was saying to beware of RiverClan, and/or it was saying something about Bluestar's Prophecy, in which Buestar gets the prophecy "Like fire, you will b…

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