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    Quick Question

    July 10, 2012 by Ripplebreeze

    Hi everyone! There's a question that's been bothering me for a while. I've always wanted to know what the answer is, and I'm pretty sure the only ones who can answer it are the Erin Hunters, but I'd like to see what you guys think. Well, here it goes:

    What happens if a medicine cat dies, and it's apprentice is too inexperienced to become a full medicine cat? Would it be trained by StarClan, or other medicine cats, or what?

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  • Ripplebreeze

    You know that cat in SkyClan's Destiny? That little cream guy named Egg? What happened to him? He wasn't in any of the manga books. Did he leave SkyClan? Did he die? Was he just not mentioned? I liked that little apprentice.

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  • Ripplebreeze

    Hi, Ripplebreeze here!

    I'm a big-time Warriors fan, and have read every single book, including manga, super editions, and field guides! I really am going to miss all of my favorite cats of ThunderClan, so I've been wondering; are we going to get to see our modern-day cats again, after the Dawn of the Clans series? It could even be in manga or super-editions, but there are some questions I really want to see answered some day;

    Spoiler Alert (Sorry I have no idea how to do the purple thing but this works too)

    1. Are Brambleclaw (or should I say Bramblestar) and Squirrelflight mates again?

    2. Who will give Bramblestar his nine lives?

    3. Are Cinderheart and Lionblaze mates? (I'm pretty sure they are, but will they ever have kits?)

    4. Will Sandstorm, …

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