Another person on this wiki gave me this idea and I think its interesting so I decided to make it a blog. So who would you like to see in The Dark Forest or you suspect are in the dark forest. Also, on the ones who were confirmed to be in it, are you suprised at who they were or no?

Who I suspect will be in the Dark Forest are Nightcloud and possibly Thornclaw. I was suprised that Birchfall was a revealed member because he always seemed so gentle. My liking for him has dropped since.

Is anyone else here annoyed that living Clan cats are listening to Tigerstar after all the stories about him? This has been annoying the heck out of me. Are they really that stupid? I know some are evil(Breezepelt, possibly Tigerheart) but its just....really??? It kind of infuriates me. I would never be that stupid and instantly be distrusting. They're just being so dumb. Anyways, thoughts? You can answer all this if you want.

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