I been thinking about this a lot lately since SkyClan's Destiny. It was an overall good book but Leafstar's decision on Daylight warriors has been bugging me. I mean they are aren't even really warriors. "Kitty-warriors" technically. The Four other Clans in there warrior code states that " A warrior rejects the soft life of a kittypet." Yet there are daylight-warriors. This annoyed me very much and this remains unchanged in the SkyClan and The Stranger Series.

I like Leafstar but this aspect of her is annoying. I mean really? Think about it like this: It's leafbare and their is scarce prey. All the normal Clan cats are really hungry. Yet when the Kittypets go home, the have warmth and plenty of food. Does that seem fair? Her Clan is going against the warrior code! I know they are a new Clan but Firestar taught them the warrior code and yet they do this. I agree with Sharpclaw. Maybe it just because I'm used to that being a direct offense to the warrior code but I can't help it.

So thoughts? Agree or disagree?

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