I have hated Hollyleaf since Sunrise over everything she did: Ruined her siblings life as well as foster mother, and then tried to kill her own mom with deathberries. Basically everything she did just caused more pain, like what Cinderheart said in Sunrise. My hatred for her had remained strong until The Forgotten Warrior. Hollyleaf returned to ThunderClan and faced up to her mistakes bravely, almost admitting that she killed Ashfur until Brambleclaw covered it up without her permission and helped ThunderClan with Sol as well as WindClan cats, teaching them new techniques she learned in the tunnels. Since then I am unsure of what I think of Hollyleaf. Part of me respects her character now but another part of me has difficulty getting over her mistakes she made in Long Shadows-Sunrise. I know I don't hate her anymore nor want her dead, but I'm not sure if I like her now or just dislike her.

Does anyone else feel like this or am I the only one?

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