I came up with this idea for a post because I noticed since Sunrise, Leafpool's haters has increased. I don't really like it because she is my favorite character besides Spottedleaf but can see why some people could hate her since that book was released.

I been thinking a lot about Leafpool's mistake to give up her kits and why exactly she did it. Sure she was a medicine cat but she could have told Firestar her secret and he would have done something about it. So was fear really the only reason why she gave up Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather? Didn't she understand that Firestar wouldn't drive her out? He was her father after all and would never do that to her despite breaking the warrior code. Also Leafpool loved her children dearly and still does so would giving them up so she could selfishly protect herself be something she wanted to do willingly? Leafpool just doesn't seem self-centered enough for her to actually do that. Or was it that Squirrelflight had insisted on taking her kits to protect her sister that Leafpool eventually gave in?

There is just so much confusion on this certain subject concerning Warriors. But this is what I eventually came down to. I believe she had no intention of giving them up during most of her pregnancy but worried about their future as well as what would happen to her but mostly her kits. I think Leafpool gave them up for mostly selfless reasons. She wanted to raise her kits herself but she knew that if she did, they wouldn't have a great life. Everyone would treat them differently, being half-Clan as well as a medicine cat's kin. Leafpool didn't want that for them so she eventually let Squirrelflight take him so then no one could doubt their loyalty. Everyone would believe that they were the grandchildren of a Clan leader as well as being fathered by a loyal ThunderClan deputy. She probably never told her kits the truth because she didn't want their perfect life to be ruined by her mistakes. Leafpool knew they were happy and though it pained her greatly for then not knowing she was their mother, she felt it was for the best. It was a mistake to lie, on both her and Squirrelflight's part but I can see the reasoning behind it.

I firmly believe that so you can understand how I am angry that Leafpool's kits still haven't forgiven her. I know she did it for her kits, not for herself. Of course I could be wrong but I just don't think she could be that selfish. She was selfish running off with Crowfeather sure but giving but her kits when that broke her heart? I just don't see selfishness involved with this.

Also for the Leafpool haters who post on this, please don't bash or flame on her to much. If you hate her you hate her but try to control yourself. I've never been a fan of bashing

So your thoughts please. Do you disagree with my reasoning or not? Was Leafpool giving up her kits selfish or selfless?

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