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  • I live in homeworld
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is observing the progress of the cluster
  • I am a master engineer
  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    Okay, so the other day I was thinking about one episode of Doctor Who, where the Daleks shift a part of the universe a second forward in time, resulting in a pocket universe. So I thought "Hey, what if StarClan is like that?" So I give you this theory. Enjoy.

    StarClan may be shifted forward a second in time, in a pocket universe. When it was shifted, certain parts of the area became extremely unstable and collapsed, resulting in dimensional rifts connecting to the nearest universe. The normal Warriors universe is the only nearby universe, so that's how StarClan communicates with the normal cats. This may also explain why it is almost always a certain time and how certain areas are off-limits to every one. If they are actually off-limits, th…

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  • ScourgesCustomPlants

    This morning, I had a dream where there was a huge page of text, but I remember only "The Intrepid is a ___ that WindClan meet" and in the top-left, there was a cover of a book. It had a fluffy-ish brown cat's head in an oval outlined by yellow on a cobalt blue (my favorite color btw) background. I woke up thinking "Hey, who IS this intrepid dude?" and got on this wiki and searched The Intrepid. It didn't come up with any results. To keep The Intrepid alive (whoever he/she/it is), I wrote this blog post.

    Who do YOU think The Intrepid is?

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