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    I know you're tired of hearing "What if" blogs, but I rereaf Bluestar's Prophecy, and I wondered what wound happen if Snowfur hadn't died. She was a good cat, and one of my favorites. Anyway, if it went as far as making her leader, would she keep the nonclan-cats in the clan? Who knows.

    Also, con someone please remove my blog titled "BrickXBone and other stuff"? I was REALLY immature when I wrote that, and I feel really embarassed over it.

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  • Scourgey The Psycho

    I honestly don't know, but what do you all think?

    Also, If Hollyleaf joined SkyClan, how do you think her family would react?

    Yes, short blog is short.

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    Ever since i first got Rise of scourge, I have pictured Brick and Bone as a couple.... Well cuz they never leave eachother's side. They would make a great couple. No, really. If this couple actually happened, even if Bone isnt there, (CURSE YOU ASHFUR AND MANY OTHER CATS!!!!!) their kits would be cool. Now, If you think they are a terrible couple, Don't be mean, this is my first post. ENTERING THE OTHER THINGS CATEGORY: BLUESTAR.

    Here is some bluestar stuffz.

    Do you think Firestar and Bluestar were in love?? I do. I mean, it would be adorable, Their kits would be beautiful.

    If bluestar was alive, Scourge would be too.

    im out of ideas for bluestar.....


    Alot of people picture them as a couple.... eeeewwwwwwww.....

    The cl…

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