Ok, there have been many topics about this but no explanations for opinions for all the posts I have read. So, On thins blog in the comments, tell which sister you think is better and why. EXAMPLE- Ivypool is better. She is brave and only wants cats to be loyal to their own Clan, while Dovewing has done too much damage to her Clan by meeting witth Tigerheart. (I mean, look what happened in the Fading Echoes battle! She let her Clanmates get injured because she decided she didn't want to fight little prince Tigerheart!) And Dovewing could at least catch the same ammount of prey as Ivypool(back then IvyPAW) if she doesn't want to give herself away, and for Ivypaw to get the same ammount of fair treatment. And at least Ivypool is honest! Dovewing has to be a whiner baby and say "OH NO I NEED TO BE MORE CAREFUL OR I WILL CAUSE A WAR" and NEVER tells the truth. Look at Ivypool. She only didn't tell the truth about training with a cat in front of the whole Clan because she wanted to be treated fairly for once. How would you feel if your sister got all the praise and attention and everyone was a good friend to her and then turned to you and called you a bad hunter and bullied you? Ok, now give your explanations. Who is better and why? Don'r just say "Dovewing is a blablabla." Tell us why! Like "Dovewing is a blablabla because she blablabla." Make sense? If you like both, just say so, and if you hate both give reasons why. Simple enough. I just want to hear everyone's opinions. And my opinion was the example up there :D

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