We all know that Squirrelflight chose Bramblestar over Ashfur, and that Ashfur tried to kill Hollyleaf, Jayfeather and Lionblaze to hurt Squirrelflight. Never mind about that. Bramblestar found out that Squirrelflight lied and pretended to have the kits, even though Leafpool kitted instead. In the Last Hope, after Firestar dies, Bramblestar appoints Squirrelflight deputy. But I'm confused. I do like Bramblestar, because he's brave, he's loyal, he has strong leadership, and he always nice. Squirrelflight is just an idiot. She and Leafpool could have told the clan earlier and then they wouldn't have gotten in trouble. Squirrelflight made Bramblestar angry, and that made him break up with her. When Bramblestar chose Squirrelflight as deputy, why couldn't he pick someone else? Why did he forgive her, when Squirrelflight lied about having kits with Bramblestar? Squirrelflight's also pretty useless, if you ask me. Bramblestar could have chosen Graystripe, who was once deputy! Bramblestar was pretty dumb (no offense, Bramble) when he chose Squirrelflight. What do you think?