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  • I live in Deadmonton
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Digimon Tamer
  • I am Fem
  • Shimmercloud

    A Suitable Leader

    August 31, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Mmkay, let's take a few steps back in time where The Last Hope had not yet come out and every was still speculating over who the next leader of ThunderClan would be. A site told me that Vicky said that Brambleclaw would not become leader, but then apparently Vicky never said that. In fact, she even said she never said that, only that the next leader would be unexpected. Sometimes I thought that they were definitely going to make Lionblaze the leader, even though I didn't want him to be. But I honestly don't think the strongest, best, most skillful warrior (or the one that never gets hurt) is always the ideal choice to be leader. Well, you knew that, but I think what does make a suitable leader is quite the controversial topic. So let's see.…

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  • Shimmercloud

    E-book Exclusives

    June 23, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    If you haven't noticed yet, it seems HarperCollins is making e-books like a storm. Hollyleaf's story came out in March, Mistystar's Omen is in production, and now yet another e-book exclusive has popped up in the HarperCollins catalog.

    A lot of people are against e-books because you can't simply just buy it, you have to have a Kindle. Actually, you could just get the Kindle app on your phone, iPod, or computer, but still. My parents weren't really that happy when I asked them if I could get Hollyleaf's Story, and I'm not sure they'll let me get the next two.

    On the contrary, the next two books are probably going to be as long as Hollyleaf's Story, not very long. It saves a ton of paper to just make an e-book version than to print out a milli…

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  • Shimmercloud

    Mistystar's Omen

    June 9, 2012 by Shimmercloud

    Shimmer here, to deliver yet another big update. The new mini ebook coming out is called Mistystar's Omen. Here is a link to the HarperCollins catalog page. There's no description up yet, so what do you think it'll be about?

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  • Shimmercloud

    I was just wondering...if Thornclaw was in the Dark Forest, why wasn't he in the Dark Forest? 0_o Am I the only who noticed this?

    Like...he wasn't there when they had to choose loyalties, and Ivypool said that Blossomfall, Birchfall, and Mousewhisker were in the Dark Forest, but not Thornclaw. And he fought in the battle with all the other cats. I'm guessing this was a mistake, but a pretty big one. :/

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  • Shimmercloud

    I thought the scene where Cinderheart chooses to be Cinderheart was really epic, but if she set Cinderpelt free, does that mean that she's her own cat now? Cinderpelt I mean. Like, did she go to StarClan, and help with the battle? Or what? I didn't see her after that, but the way her spirit drifted off, like the dead cats in the end, and how she said "thank you" seemed pretty obvious that she's a StarClan cat now. Though Firestar and Hollyleaf and them didn't really talk or anything while they left for StarClan. Maybe it takes time, you know, for them to recover or something. Thoughts?

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