If you haven't noticed yet, it seems HarperCollins is making e-books like a storm. Hollyleaf's story came out in March, Mistystar's Omen is in production, and now yet another e-book exclusive has popped up in the HarperCollins catalog.

A lot of people are against e-books because you can't simply just buy it, you have to have a Kindle. Actually, you could just get the Kindle app on your phone, iPod, or computer, but still. My parents weren't really that happy when I asked them if I could get Hollyleaf's Story, and I'm not sure they'll let me get the next two.

On the contrary, the next two books are probably going to be as long as Hollyleaf's Story, not very long. It saves a ton of paper to just make an e-book version than to print out a million copies of such a small book. In my opinion, it's a bit like a mini super edition, because there just wasn't enough ideas to make a full one.

Also, neither the cover for Hollyleaf's Story or Mistystar's Omen had much effort put into them. Hollyleaf's picture was cut out from Sunrise, and Mistystar's was a recoloured version of Stormfur in Cats of the Clans.

I would say that since the e-book exclusives are small, and their price only being about 5 dollars, it wasn't worth the amount of money it would cost to produce and market each and every book. But don't take my word for it. I hardly know about this kind of stuff.

Anyway, thoughts? Are you going to buy the next few books? Mistystar's Omen isn't even out yet, in fact, we only heard about it a few weeks ago, and now there's yet another one already in the making. I liked Hollyleaf's Story. I thought it was very well written, and the shortness contributed to the fact that you couldn't drag it on and on. I'll probably buy the next two, and whatever else comes out. What about you?

edit The newest e-book exclusive comes out next year, while Mistystar's Omen comes out in September. Do you think it's a bit early to put up the page for the novella on Amazon? Also, why isn't there a page in the HarperCollins catalog?

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