Okay...Lionblaze and Heathertail met at a Gathering, said about 2 words to each other, and then they fell in love. I know there are some ifs about love at first sight, and we can all agree that GrayxSilver is an example of such, but what would you say about LionxHeather? The next Gathering, we know Heathertail was dying to see Lionblaze, but he tried to hide it from Hollyleaf because she's sensitive about this stuff. But then she asked him to meet her to play, and he obligued. I don't think there has been a forbidden "love" like this, starting shortly after Lionblaze was apprenticed. Even Tigerheart was already a warrior when he fell in love with Dovewing.

I'll admit that I'm a LionxHeather fan, but that's not the point. Leafpool and Crowfeather came into contact just as few times, okay maybe a bit more, but it gave her something to think about. Why he was like he was. Honestly, Lionblaze and Heathertail are both completely NORMAL. Lionblaze just thought she was pretty or whatever. I don't really get how this kind of chemistry works, but I'll just assume it was love at first sight at a very young age. Thoughts?

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