How did you guys like Hollyleaf's Story? I for one thought it was very, very well written. I love short stories (okay, ten chapters is hardly short, but still) because they have so many descriptive details. There wasn't as much dialogue as in other books, so most of it was just beautiful imagery and stuff. It was great. Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves XD I feel like there will be a bunch more shippings coming in. But I like reading in Hollyleaf's perspective because I love the way she thinks. Even when she was just a kit, she's been the most mature and sensible, and she loves her brothers a lot. You can actually kinda feel that tugging temptaion when she wants to go back to the clans. I guess if you put yourself in her paws, it'd be a huge decision whether of not to leave the friend who saved your life, or give up your clan forever.

Anyway, I wonder if Hollyleaf will mention Fallen Leaves to Jayfeather? Do you think he'd tell her the truth about him?

Also, the prologue for The Last Hope was just so amazing. The imagery, when Rock and Midnight are telling them about the prophecies, I feel the urge to draw a picture for it. XD I love imagery.

Anyway, it was an amazing book, and I highly recommend it to those who haven't read it yet. There's a free Kindle app for PC you can download to read it.

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