So, a bit in depth about nursery queens. I think they have a reputation of being lazy and dumb. I dunno, how would you like to be the only queen in a nursery all by yourself raising kits for the first time? It's scary. Ferncloud's one "use" is take care of kits and to help other queens in the nursery. There aren't enough cats having kits lately, unlike the Original Arc, where there was like, 4 queens at once. Let's the beginning of Firestar's Quest, Ferncloud had her two kits, and then Brightheart had her kit and then Sandstorm had hers, and then before you know it Ferncloud has more kits. Too lazy to do the math (I hate math so much ==) but I'm pretty sure there was little or no time between the apprenticing of Spider and Shrew and the birth of Whitewing. And then Birchfall didn't become an apprentice until waaaay later in...Twilight was it? And by then Sorreltail was heavily pregnant and Daisy and her kits moved in. And then Leafpool was already pregnant in Sunset, so in 2-3 moons "Squirrelflight's" kits would be born, which would have been before Sorreltail's got apprenticed. Then before Leafpool's kits got apprenticed, Foxleap and Icecloud were born. And then Rosepetal and Toadstep. And then Fox and Ice got apprenticed, but Rose and Toad didn't get apprenticed until after Sunrise, when Whitewing's kits were already born. Then came Poppyfrost's two, and then Sorreltail's two. What's the point of this? Ferncloud was never without a pregnant queen or kits to take care of in the nursery. So it was never just her and Daisy by themselves in the nursery doing nothing. It's not being lazy, it's a job that has to be done and they're there to do it. It's still foggy about whether she wants to do it or not, but I think it's just her place in the clan. Just some food for thought :)

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