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    August 13, 2017 by Shypaw11

    Before the Forest of Secrets, how come no cat was suspicious of Mistystar and Stonefur? They look exactly like the kits that "got eaten by a fox" and have the same names, after all. Of course, as we all know, nobody doubts a queen's word when it involves her kits, but if Oakheart hadn't said anything connecting the dots, no cat would have knew. Also, why did Leopardstar choose Mistystar as her deputy if she hates half-clan cats? How is Mistystar still leader, and not turned on like ShadowClan with Rowanstar?

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  • Shypaw11

    Dark x Sleek?

    April 20, 2017 by Shypaw11

    Sorry anyone who hasn't read Shattered Sky yet.

    Is it just me, or is Sleekwhisker suscpious when she's around Darktail? She very loyal, which is somewhat understandable, but she's far too loyal. She even tried to share prey with him! It was mentioned that Sleekwhisker was trying to spot out anything that would get Violetpaw, whom Darktail really liked and trusted, in trouble. She's unsually found near Darktail, too. Even if Sleekwhisker doesn't think of Darktail as anything more than her leader, Dark x Sleek is certainly an interesting pair! 

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