Okay look,The Last hope is a book with so many flaws,what flaws?I will discuss it







Firestars death

I expected his death since i got the book.I like the way he fought for the clan,and killed Tigerstar.Firestar and Tigerstar's last battle was expected since their tension in Into The Wild.Its all like,YAY!!Firestar defeated Tigerstar yay!!At this point i knew he would die at this point.Though in a more dramatic way.Perhaps Jayfeather helping him to his paws and he later collapsed,giving last words to Sandstorm or his clan,but no.It was to random!It went like this.



Firestar*stands up*


You see what i mean?

Squirrelflight's deputyship

No,just no.After all she's done.Really Bramblestar.Really.

She does not deserve this.Bramblestar picked her because of favortism,and forgivness.Its like this.

Squirrelflight:Forgive me please.

Bramblestar:lol sure your my deputy.

She lied to her clan,and was forgived a milion times!yet they make her deputy.Cinderheart or Ivypool is a good choice.

Death count

6,in all clans?What the heck.There was the same death count in "Into the wild" There was only 2 villans..Here we have all the villans in the whole series of warriors and only 6 dies.I expected more.Only Hollyleaf,Ferncloud,Mousefur and Firestar in ThunderClan.The kit i forgot which clan,Redwillow and thats it.I expected Dustpelt,Graystripe,Sandstorm,Briarlight,Daisy,Icecloud,Berrynose and Ivypool to die.I also though Onestar,would die and we'd have a Ashstar and Crowfeather as deputy.Breezepelt dieing would be so epic.I also expected Blackstar to die in a very amazing way,then Rowanstar comes!Honestly,Tigerheart dieing would be so epic.Applefur and Cedarheart as well.In RiverClan,I Expected Mothwing to die,it would be cool,seeing where she would go.

Dark Forest Cats Becoming Solid

How the heck did they become solid?I mean if they could.No cat would die Yay!!! -sarcasm-

How does the clan suddenly know what the dark forest is?

When Firestar announces the dark forest is rising,Suddenly the whole clan knows what it is!Someone should have asked what it was.How the heck did they know?Not every cat went training,right?

StarClan's Perfection

So Rock tells the three that the Dark Forest is their fault.Oh no its not!Erin Hunter most likely did that because they're trying to keep StarClans perfection.A single cat's opinion brought the first cat to the Dark Forest.Thistleclaw i expect,oh really Bluestar?It's StarClan's fault of this battle.

The Power of 2

There is 4 cats,right?It seems only two made the battle suceed.Firestar and Jayfeather.Firestar killed Tigerstar giving an end to the battle,Jayfeather found the 4th and told firestar of it.Sure,Dovewing and Lionblaze fought,but the others did too!

Mapleshade's Hatered of Sandstorm

Sandstorm sure had a good relationship,but there were flaws,They started out with love-hate and later when she found out of Firestar's love of Spottedleaf.Sorreltail and Brackenfur had the happiest relationship,no flaws.Sandstorm is not the only one who has a good relationship.


I saw a epic plot for this cat,leaving so many issues it has not been solved.I expected her to try to kill Briarlight and Millie stops her,telling her she still loves her.

HALT!I still liked some things!

I liked Blackstar,Bramblestar's leadrship and Mousefurs death though.

What did you think?

~Silentbreeze :)

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