Hi!I am Silentbreeze! i am a new member of this wiki!i would like to share my opinions on these two amazing characters.

Sunstar and Crookedstar,These two leaders are my idols.Then,i wondered.Who's better?Crookedstar or Sunstar?

I will discuss Sunstar first.


Basically,Sunstar is the chiz.Like Shelly said.When Sunstar became leader,he was darn amazing!He gave time,enough time for Bluefur to grieve.He was like a father,which bluefur did not pay attention too.He understood that she lost.He made her be strong.though she was still a moony whiny annoying cat.He felt compassion for the bluefur and it made me touched on how father like he could be :**).He was a great leader who cared for his clan like his own kits.He did not whine about he only had 8 lives.He accepted it like a true warrior.Oh and not to mention him just threatning that silly RiverClan..He is handsome... Sunstar is an amazing leader!


Stormkit was called handsome by his mother and was very normal.Then that fateful day when he broke his jaw changed all of that.His jaw was crooked.His mother disowned him for his own looks.What kind of mother is that stupid and fox-hearted?His mother payed more attention to Oakkit,and his name was changed to Crookedkit..Then his parents got divorced.Shellheart later died and so did Rainflower.He later fell in love with Willowbreeze,But died..His kits died except for Silverkit.Oakheart died.Then Silverstream herself died..that leaves 7 sufferings.Crookedstar was strong and proud and can accept that his clan needs help sometimes.He did not become moony like Bluefur.He was a great leader.

Now you guys vote whos better!I have no vote.Cause i cant choose!!

P.S sorry for ugly blog...Its my first and i suck at editing and i made a blog! ;)

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